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Whether you're a well established business or looking to start one, it's always good to find a source of information that can give you all the basic tools, information, signposting to help you grow your business. Of course you don't have to be a business person to benefit from SME Cluster. Individuals and community groups can contribute or benefit from the cluster.

Its also hard to cut through the bureaucracy and marketing hype to see what is really available to help you grow your business. SME Cluster has recently been formed to help advise you on how to cut through the piles of paperwork and exploit the opportunities coming out of Europe, to allow local businesses the opportunity to get a slice of the action.

Whether you're looking to reduce the piles of paperwork or looking for new business opportunities you will find something of value for everyone.

SME Cluster can act as a contact point for like minded individuals and organisations. SME Cluster is a privately owned network that brings together the skills and product offerings of small local businesses in the South Wales region of the UK to be able to bid for much larger contracts in the Public or Private Sectors.

SMECluster is committed to being the only portal a business needs to progress in today's competitive marketing by supporting the true needs of said business.

SMECluster can act as a contact point for like minded individuals and organisations. SME Cluster is a privately owned network that brings together the skills and product offerings of small local businesses in the South Wales region of the UK to be able to bid for much larger contracts in the Public or Private Sectors. 


 The chart above should give you a flavour of what the Cluster hast to offer. Extensive research has been conducted on the effectiveness of this model. What was determined from studies?  Firstly, clusters can offer a useful entry point for agencies seeking to encourage responsible business practise. Secondly, working collaboratively within a cluster, SMEs are able to take advantage of market opportunities that they could not achieve alone. Performing clusters have moved from seeing social and environmental challenges as risks to their survival, to trying to turn them into market opportunities by working to improve their industry’s reputation internationally. Thirdly, cluster approaches can reduce the pain barrier of cost and risk, and adapt international tools and standards for local contexts. Several responsibility clusters concentrate on shared monitoring or certification systems which reduces cost and increases learning.

Finally, responsibility pressures provide an external challenge which catalysis collective action, dialogue, trust and capacity building within clusters and with other linked organisations and sectors.


Aerospace Wales

The Aerospace Wales Forum is the trade association for all companies operating in the Aerospace & Defence sector in Wales. We support our members by promoting their companies on our website, in our capabilities brochure and trade brochure and by giving them access to events, networking opportunities and industry expertise. As a membership organisation, we recognise that our value is measured by what we deliver and achieve for our members. To this end, we are committed to exploring new ideas and finding new clusters/collaborations that offer even more value to our membership.


WAF - Wales Automotive Forum

An independent company, incorporated in 2001, to develop a common approach in achieving sustainable continuous improvement for the Automotive Industry in Wales. An industry led organisation, supported by its Members, Industry Wales and the Welsh Government. The Board of Directors comprises senior executives from the industry and Tim Williams is the Chief Executive.

The role of the Welsh Automotive Forum continues to deepen and widen. This places it firmly at the centre of automotive activities in Wales which befits its status as the only body which is of, as well as for, the country's automotive sector.

The industry in Wales consists of 40 international component manufacturers including the engine plants of Ford and Toyota together with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.  In total some 18,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect.  The industry generates sales on average of £3.2 billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of  £0.5Bn per annum.

The Welsh Government has made it clear that it wants to support manufacturing and wants to make sure that the role undertaken by WAF and its members attains maximum economic benefit. To this end a new 'umbrella' company has been established (2013) by the Welsh Government.

Industry Wales unites the sector forums of Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic and Software Technologies, to achieve greater synergy to support the Government with Inward Investment activity, job creation as well as strengthening research and development, promoting where appropriate, Enterprise Zones in Wales.



Created in 2011, the ESTnet is a network of technology organisations whose members design, develop, manufacture or integrate electronic and software technologies.