Case Studies from Clients

How we provide - Technology Detail Digitalisation – Business Development - Ecosystem Development? – detail digitalisation services – actually provided to Companies (SME’s) identifying for each service: Engagement of organisation, Client Issues and Identifying Solution to Issues.

On the road towards Industry 4.0 and digital transformation

  •  Through our participation in these projects we saw very clearly that it was possible to bring research results to life in the form of a product and that’s how we developed our software toolkit called Industreweb 4.0
  • The results (tools, ideas, lessons learned) from the 5 projects have extended the services offered by our manufacturing platform and these services are further being offered to a wider audience via the SME Cluster portal

Just a Selection of the Companies that have experienced the Industry 4.0 Demonstration with Industreweb 4.0






Bringing reality to research

  • Companies, and especially SMEs, are always more interested in what products can do for them rather than the technologies that drive those products.
  • We have always strengthened this message with our research partners in EU projects and we believe it is of utmost importance.
  • We must make research results understood by the market rather than leave them locked in the research world.
  • We showcase products and services that can help manufacturing companies improve their businesses and processes with digital technologies.


Client Engaged – Small Medium Enterprise

Express Service Engineering Limited

Client Issues:

  • Limited to Local Customer Base
  • Funding Access
  • Minimal Knowledge of Technology

Solutions to Issues

  • Introduction to outsourcing providers with expertise in business technologies
  • Guidance on Local, National and European Funding opportunities
  • Increased Customer Connectivity and Awareness

ESEL – Funding opportunities available to established businesses who are surviving ‘Business in Focus’  funding initiatives and support to develop a technological presence and marketing approach to secure business from a wider market, improving online representation, something that ESEL had not previously been aware of and were unable to risk without advice and support. 

Datakom south Wales growth awards business of the year 2016 – consultants helping to keep local companies at the forefront of the wider technological customer focused environment.  Delivering innovative products allowing conference calling systems, fibre connectivity and cloud based communication solutions. ESEL developed alternative sales avenues including an Ebay store connection.

Introduction to the Bridgend Council employability scheme and business engagement ‘Employability Bridgend’.


Express Service Engineering Limited (ESEL)- is a Family orientated company established for over 40 years who supply and complete maintenance of quality new and used recycling equipment.  They supply and provide service and spare parts for all makes of recycling equipment including; conveyors, cardboard compactors, fragmentisers, scrap metal and waste shredders, scrap shears, waste paper balers, paper and refuse shredders, balers, automated and manual sorting equipment and MRFs.  ESEL's vast experience in the recycling industry combined with a strong, dedicated team of fabricators and engineers offers a reliable and enviable service combining, high quality and value for money.    For years ESEL have developed business relations with the simple word of mouth approach to their market.  They specialise in the sale, service and repair of new and used waste and scrap recycling equipment and over the years have made a name for themselves locally and to some of the larger companies throughout the UK.  With the advancements in technology and access to the worldwide web,  ESEL now feel disadvantaged to new growth possibilities and therefore wanted a clear analysis completed for future developments.

At an event hosted by the Hub to allow local business an insight into its presence and capabilities, leaders from ESEL were able to meet  finance    



Training Delivered and Showcasing

Waldon Limited. Plastic injection molding service in Tonyrefail, Wales part of the Soehnergroup, Germany.

Waldon offer complete design for integration into customer geometries together with plastic-appropriate design of individual components and assembly groups. Over many years of experience in processing all conventional high-performance plastics are incorporated into every individual piece, from the very first development steps.  The varied manufacturing steps are optimised in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness during the development phase in the form of a process layout. The results are then incorporated directly into the product or process design. This together with a material selection tailored to the requirements of each individual function, Waldon produce high-quality and cost-effective products. Processes that are tailored securely and specifically to the product demands create constant quality and guarantee a high degree of cost-effectiveness.


Injection Moulding Tools

Bending, Stamping & Cutting Tools

Assembly and Test Equipment

Knowledge developed over decades of experience in the manufacturing of stamping and injection moulding tools is a decisive component for their success. By complementing it with state-of-the-art technology, knowledge, skills and professional ability are consolidated in our in-house toolshop in order to develop tools. Waldon have been establishing automation technology in assembly units since the 1980s, with the development, test cycles and production of individual components (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, mechatronics). The degree of automation in their production facilities with integrated injection moulding machinery and tools is still being constantly expanded  and they are seeking to identify Quality advantages and cost-conscious production and error proofing of their functional processes and technology.


TIMET  UK   - Swansea

Timet has a fully integrated supply chain, dedicated research facilities, and decades of experience which make us the partner of choice when it comes to titanium. Timet convert rutile ore into sponge; melt and refine ingot and slab; manufacture mill products; and support our customers through a worldwide network of service centers and manufacturing facilities.  Their global supply focus enables quick movement of products using qualified raw material and routings that meet stringent customer requirements. Their plants are certified in international safety and quality standards and strictly follow lean initiatives. TIMET independently manufactures 99.9% pure titanium sponge at our Henderson facility that is suitable for all grades of titanium.