Control 2K Limited
Is well known for being a Multi-Level Service provider. Key services include Systems Integration, Industrial and Commercial Training and Web Services including eCommerce and professional web designing.
Technology Application Network (TANet) Limited
Is a unique network of co-operating Universities, Technology Centres and Key Business Partners providing the most comprehensive support for the SME Manufacturing sector for the whole of the UK. It is also the UK Pole for the international V-Lab
TANet is one the 5 Trial Partners selected for the Use Case Trials selected in the 2nd phase of the FI PPP programme.
Will help to create new products. It starts with the definition and optimization of business processes, till the finding of new partners or suppliers for special parts.
Is the official repository of public deliverables in the Enterprise Interoperability domain, produced by European research projects under the 5th, 6th and 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (DG INFSO unit D4). In collaboration with the UNITE project, this space is being extended to other Future Internet domains (IoS, IoT).
Horizon 2020
Research and Innovation portal for Horizon 2020 Programme
Aerospace Wales Forum
The trade association for all companies operating in the Aerospace & Defence sector in Wales and exists to provide the best service we can to assist our members by promoting your company in our capabilities database and giving you access to events, networking opportunities and industry expertise.
We are the manufacturers’ organisation, helping thousands of companies to evolve and compete in a fast-changing world.
Led by employers, our job is to transform the skills and productivity of the people who power our engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies sectors, enabling UK industry to compete on the global stage. We bring together employers and education to focus action on skills.
Welsh Automotive Forum
The WAF has four main objectives:  To act as the voice of the automotive industry in Wales To influence the automotive sector strategy To forge links and partnerships To provide members with a value for money service
The ESTnet board of directors is selected to drive business opportunities and maximise the sector's significant contribution to economic growth.
In support of the Lisbon 2010 goals, CADIC aims to generate a practical model that addresses the need of Europe to become a competitive and dynamic knowledge economy in an increasingly competitive global market. CADIC seeks to assist in building a European economy capable of sustainable growth with more and better jobs, as well as greater social cohesion.
Industry Wales
Industry Wales is, with its specialist aerospace, automotive and electronics, software and technology forums, helping to grow Welsh technology and manufacturing businesses, globally.
Is a collaborative research project funded by the European Union Framework Programme 7 Factories of the Future Public Private Partnership Programme (FoF-PPP).