AI REDGIO 5.0 provides support for manufacturing through integrated AI experimentation

Focused on the evolution of manufacturing toward Industry 5.0, AI REDGIO 5.0 maintains the momentum of AI technology adoption in Manufacturing SMEs by exploring and experimenting with AI in a variety of different industrial applications.


Combining  43 Partners from 18 countries, including Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Czechia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Portugal, United Kingdom and Serbia; AI REDGIO 5.0 brings together the most advanced research teams from across Europe to invent, test and trial AI innovations in LIVE production environments across a range of different manufacturing sectors from heavy industry to high fashion.


As well as the original experiments, AI REDGIO 5.0 will invite additional applications from technology providers and SMEs during TWO Open Calls, the first of which will open in December 2023. Successful applicants will benefit from the unique AI REDGIO 5.0  ecosystem and will be given complementary funding for the full implementation of their experiments, up to EUR €60.000.​


For more information, please visit the project website at or contact DMIW to find out how you can participate.