Boosting Collaboration for Digital Transformation

Since 2015 the Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative aims to promote and expand European SME’s capabilities in some key technology areas such as Cyber-physical and embedded systems, Customized Low Energy Computing, powering Cyber-Physical Systems, wearable electronics/Organic Large Area Electronics and IIOT; as well as widening the reach of Digital Innovation Hubs.


After a long period of limitations and physical distancing due to COVID-19, the team at SAE is joining together with the Smart4All and DIH4CPS programmes for a special collaborative workshop, to provide an opportunity to reconnect and boost relations between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH’s), SAE/I4MS projects and stakeholders across the European region.


A two-day event has been organised on the 13th and 13th December, focusing on technologies and Digital Transformation, applications and experiments and highlighting the innovation from labs under these 3 flagship programmes.  The event will explore the success stories of the programmes and the exploitation of Technologies to fight against the COVID-19 crisis;  as well as identifying funding opportunities and business models for future sustainability, and the future of EDIH development.


This is an opportunity to share experiences and experimentation, learn from other programs and collaborate of future ideas. Join us in Valencia or online and register now at www.dih-workshop.upv.es/registration.