DMIW is pleased to offer support to any business looking to improve their business through digital manufacturing technologies. Whether you are just getting started and looking for some insight.....or if you are looking to take your digital investments to the next level, we can provide engineering level support and practical resources to help you.


Advice and Guidance


Our steering group of industrial engineers are from a wide range of manufacturing sectors including steel, automotive, energy and aerospace. We find that many of the issues businesses face are common engineering problems; sharing our knowledge allows us to help you engineer a solution.


Testing and Experimentation


Our demonstration facilities boast a range of industry 4.0 technologies and provides the perfect test-bed for new innovations, integrations and improvements. Whether you are just looking for new ways to collect and analyse information, experiment with a new process, or need practical advice on upgrading legacy equipment; our team can help to set up a risk-free environment where you can try things out using our Machine Tool Facility.  


Practical Support and Tooling


Should your project require a more hands-on approach, our team can also provide on-site consultancy, project management and systems integration. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quotation for any on-site support needed. There may also be opportunities to get funding for your project, take a look at the Funding & Opportunities page for more details.