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What does sustainability mean to your business?

Sustainability is more than a buzzword: it’s a powerful strategy that can help you save money, eliminate presenteeism, reduce staff sickness and increase engagement. Implemented correctly, sustainable strategies can truly elevate your business. Not only can they reduce long-term internal and external risks, the right strategies can help you attract and retain more of your ideal client and even improve supply chain relationships.


It’s well known that doing ‘good’ can directly impact a business’s ability to do well. It draws upon shared values and unites teams in pursuit of a common goal, all of which enhances the quality of work a team produces, as well as the way individuals collaborate and communicate.


To enhance our working environments and impact change, we need to do away with the limiting belief that ‘I’m only one person,’ or ‘what difference could I make?’ Every change starts with one thought, one action or one idea; sustainability is no different. When integrated into an organisation’s DNA, sustainability becomes the glue behind the power and cohesiveness of a modern and resilient business.


How would it feel to work in a team that understands what’s required of them and actively seek out better ways of working, or even come up with suggestions for improvements? What would it be like if your colleagues, who were engaged in reducing waste and utility spend, actually helped you to meet your organisation’s KPIs?


Sustainability leader and business entrepreneur, Philippa Stanley, has recognised that most functional sustainability actions rely on personal action and choice.


“Developing  a workforce that understands what is being asked of them and why, creates the engagement individuals seek to help fulfil their roles. It moves them from feeling ineffectual and helpless to being actively engaged in the changes required to smash through those plateauing KPIs and establish credible sustainability throughout the organisation.”


Using her innovative approach and many years of manufacturing industry experience, Philippa has designed a unique sustainability programme for managers, leaders and employees, to run alongside supplychain development projects, to improve the resilience and sustainability of suppliers.


YouTree offers a blend of sustainability and wellbeing modules, we explain what all the environmental terminologies mean, how these affect YOU and your business, but more importantly, how you and your team can work together to effect change.  We’re called YouTree because we recognise change starts with YOU – exploring what YOU, the user values and how YOU show up in the world."


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